when Buying when Selling
1 Brokers Commission 0.92% 0.92%
2 Securities Commission Levy 0.171% 0.171%
3 ZSE Levy 0.12% 0.12%
4 VAT (applied on brokers commission) 15% of 0.92% 15% of 0.92%
5 Capital Gains withholding Tax - 1.00%
6 Stamp Duty 0.25% -
7 Investor Protection Levy - -
8 Central Securities Depository Levy


SETTLEMENT ZSE Operates on a T+7 Settlement Cycle i.e. trades settle on the 7th day from the day of transacting.

*NB Should settlement day fall on a public holiday settlement will be effected on the first business day after the holiday

Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
FCA 6.36 1.06 20.00% 7.80%
ZPI 3.00 0.48 19.05% 19.05%
MEIKLES 63.00 8.00 14.55% 23.53%
FIDELITY 10.00 1.25 14.29% 14.29%
CBZ 17.63 2.13 13.74% 13.74%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
STAR AFRICA 1.40 -0.21 -13.04% 7.69%
Market Commentary

Bullish sentiment prevails…

The market traded in the black in Thursday’s session as investors continued to seek refuge against anticipated inflationary pressures after a fuel price hike. Bullish sentiment persisted as the market resumed trades after a two-day break to see the All Share Index advancing 2.85% to close at 153.25pts while, the Industrial Index rallied 2.88% to end at 511.67pts. The Top Ten Index improved 3.13% to 154pts spurred by gains in heavy capitalised stocks. The Mining Index was stable at 207pts with no trades recorded in the sub-sector. Banking group First Capital headlined the risers of the day after putting on 20% to trade at $0.0636 while, property concern ZPI added 19.05% to $0.0300. Meikles and Fidelity followed with surges of 14.55% and 14.29% to settle at respective prices of $0.6300 and $0.1000. Completing the top five gainers of the day was CBZ ... [more]

Market Comment -17.01.2019
The market traded in the black in Thursday’s session as investors continued to seek refuge against anticipated inflationary pressures after a fuel...

Market Comment -14.01.2019
ZSE opened week in a bullish mode as Zimbabwe appeared to be headed for unrest as protests against the recently announced hike in fuel prices which...

Weekly -11.01.2019
The second week of the new year saw the market end in the red despite signs of a rebound in the final session of the week where the market saw a...

Market Comment -10.01.2019
The mainstream All Share Index and the Industrial Index recovered in today’s session posting an identical marginal gain of 0.13% to close at...

Market Comment -09.01.2019
The Top Ten Index ended in the black in mid-week session after putting on a marginal 0.07% to close at 140.96pts as losses in Econet and Innscor were...

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    The Industrial Index closed the week 0.16% up at 168.36pts as retailers OK Zimbabwe advanced 6.87% to 14c and financial services group Old Mutual notched 0.42% to 237c. Weakness that creeped in...

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