Year End 2016 ZSE Review and 2017 Outlook
23 January 2017 | published by: EFE Securities
Zimbabwe’s economy has gone through some challenging times in recent years as the country struggles to secure reasonable funding for its capital needs along with operating expenditure. Limited foreign direct investment, largely blamed on an unpalatable investment climate, coupled with a highly consumption skewed spend leading to persistent negative balance of payments has lurched the country into a foreign currency crises desite the economy using a multicurrency system. Delays in processing...
Zimbabwe Listed Banks Review
21 April 2016 | published by: EFE Securities
The just ended reporting season was a frenetic but welcome development for the market that had grown accustomed to the depressing reports both specific to the market and the exogenous economic...
DELTA 2016 Interim Results Review
12 November 2015 | published by: EFE Securities
As expected Delta released a lower set of financials for the interim period to September 2015 owing to the difficult operating...
ECO zw 2016 Interim Results Review
20 October 2015 | published by: EFE Securities
Revenue for the period under review declined 17.7% and closed at $323.0m relative to the comparable six months period last...
26 March 2015 | published by: EFE Securities
Edgars’ results for the 53 week period to 10 January 2015 reflected a 12.7% increase in revenues to $73.0m with merchandise sales accounting for 98.7% of the total. Gross profit for the period amounted was up 7.7% on prior year at $33.4m representing 45.7% GP...
24 March 2015 | published by: EFE Securities
A solid H2 performance saw Dairibord turnaround a slow first half performance from a loss position to close profitable. Group revenues declined 1% to $99.0m despite volumes going up 8%for the...
Delta HY 2015 Results Review
21 November 2014 | published by: EFE Securities
Results Highlights Delta in declining...
National Foods Initiating Coverage
4 November 2014 | published by: EFE Securities
Company Highlights Natfoods set on positive...
AFDIS Full Year 2014 Results Review
22 September 2014 | published by: EFE Securities
ResulTS highlights Afdis sustains growth...
Barclays HY2014 Results Review.
25 August 2014 | published by: EFE Securities
Results Highlights Barclays maintains stellar...
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
ZIMPLOW 8.10 0.28 3.58% 3.58%
SIMBISA 45.00 1.00 2.27% 8.88%
UNIFREIGHT 1.45 0.03 2.11% 2.11%
DELTA 157.52 0.93 0.59% 8.63%
OLD MUTUAL 494.75 2.13 0.43% 9.02%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
BARCLAYS 5.20 -0.30 -5.45% -13.33%
MEIKLES 30.00 -1.70 -5.36% 7.10%
ECONET 82.27 -3.96 -4.59% -12.90%
ZHL 2.99 -0.10 -3.24% 15.44%
DZLH 11.00 -0.05 -0.45% -1.79%
Market Commentary

Equities soften in Tuesday’s trades…

The bearish note on the ZSE persisted in Tuesday’s trades as all the Indices closed in the red. The mainstream All share Index lost a further 0.87% to 93.84pts, The Industrial Index succumbed to a 0.89% loss to 313.18pts, and the Top 10 Index tumbled 0.1.02% to settle at 93.50pts. The less active Mining Index remained flat at 134.37pts with no activity in the sector. Activity aggregates for the day were mixed with the volumes exchanged falling 16.48% to 1.90m, yielding a value outturn of $1.31m which was 38.87% up from prior session. Delta drove the value outturn for the second consecutive session with a 30.90% contribution, while CBZ, Nampak and Delta emerged the top volume contributors with respective contributions of 19.75%, 14.03% and 13.51%. Local participation dominated as Inflows accounted for 13.83% of the day’s turn over while, outflows added 18.81% of the same.

Dual listed PPC was the worst performer on a 5.99% plunge to close at a... [more]

Market Comment -17.01.2018
Mixed trades were witnessed in a mid-week session that saw the main stream All shares Index easing 0.64% to 93.24pts weighed down mainly by a 4.59%...

Market Comment -16.01.2018
The bearish note on the ZSE persisted in Tuesday’s trades as all the Indices closed in the red. The mainstream All share Index lost a further 0.87%...

Market Comment -12.01.2018
It was a characteristically low Friday on the ZSE with all benchmark indices closing in the red. The All share Index lost 1.95% to 94.69pts...

The market slipped into further losses this week as sell offs persisted amidst lukewarm trades. All the Indices for the week...

Market Comment -11.01.2018
All ZSE benchmark indices closed the session pointing southwards, as demand in most counters continue to wane. The main Indicator ALL share Index,...

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