Price: 4.28c
52 Wk High: 4.28c
52 Wk Low: 4.28c
20 Day VWAP: 4.28
P/E: -7.20
D/Y: 0.00%
PBV: 0.80
Issued Shares: 106,474,237
Market Cap: $4,557,097.34

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Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
RTG 2.39 0.39 19.50% 0.00%
SCIL 171.00 0.75 0.44% 0.00%
OLD MUTUAL 821.55 1.55 0.19% 0.00%
INNSCOR 190.00 0.22 0.12% 0.00%
SIMBISA 74.25 0.02 0.03% 0.00%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
ART ZDR 8.80 -1.70 -16.19% 0.00%
AFRICAN SUN 9.00 -1.00 -10.00% 0.00%
DELTA 304.23 -10.77 -3.42% 0.00%
OK ZIM 29.00 -0.90 -3.01% 0.00%
DAWN 2.60 -0.08 -2.99% 0.00%
Market Commentary

ZSE dips on faltering heavies…

ZSE indices faltered further in Thursday trades weighed down by losses in heavies, as the mainstream All Share Index shed 1.35% to 153.22pts. The Industrials dropped 1.37% to end at 515.04pts while, the Top Ten Index retreated 1.68% to 155.91pts. The less active Mining Index closed flat at 193.16pts with no activity in the cluster. ART topped the fallers of the day after a 16.19% dip to $0.0880 trailed by hotelier African Sun that trimmed 10% to settle at $0.0900. Beverages group Delta slipped 3.42% to $3.0423 having traded an intra-day low of $3.0000. Retailer OKZim let go 3.01% to settle at $0.2900 while, property company Dawn sealed the shakers of the day with a 2.99% loss to $0.0260.

Mitigating losses of the day was hotelier RTG that surged 19.50% to... [more]

Market Comment -13.12.2018
ZSE indices faltered further in Thursday trades weighed down by losses in heavies, as the mainstream All Share Index shed 1.35% to 153.22pts. The...

Market Comment -12.12.2018
The All Share Index let go 1.12% to end at 155.32pts while, the Industrials lost 1.14% to 522.19pts. The Top Ten Index was down 1.24% to 158.58pts...

Market Comment -11.12.2018
The All Share and the Top Ten Index dipped a similar 0.53% to close at 157.08pts and 160.57pts apiece.The Industrial Index retreated 0.46% to...

Market Comment -10.12.2018
ZSE ended the first trading day of the week pointing southwards as heavy capitalised stocks traded mixed.The mainstream Index All Share let go 0.35%...

Market Comment -07.12.2018
ZSE benchmark indices swung into the black in Friday’s session after four consecutive sessions of losses. The primary All Share Index gained 0.74% to...

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