Price: 70.00c
52 Wk High: 79.51c
52 Wk Low: 12.00c
20 Day VWAP: 68.53
P/E: -57.52
D/Y: 0.00%
PBV: -12.96
EV/EBITDA: -34.85
Issued Shares: 518,469,120
Market Cap: $362,928,384.00

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Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
PPC 114.12 15.29 15.47% 107.49%
ZHL 2.00 0.20 11.11% 21.21%
BINDURA 4.25 0.23 5.72% -1.16%
HIPPO 142.66 7.66 5.67% 359.45%
DELTA 252.65 12.78 5.33% 177.64%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
ARISTON 2.70 -0.32 -10.60% 671.43%
TURNALL 1.21 -0.09 -6.92% 42.35%
Market Commentary

Industrials in the black as bulls dominate…

Block trades in crocodile skin producer Padenga highlighted the session as 2.76m shares exchanged hands in the counter. The stock anchored the value and volume aggregates of the day claiming 35.22% and 32.37% respectively. Volumes received a flattering 6.46% uplift to 7.83m shares with values rising 174.05% to $7.67m. Other notable trades of the day were seen in top capitalised stocks Simbisa and Innscor which contributed a combined 30.63% of the volume outturn. Foreign participation dominated on both the sell side and the buy side after improving 3595.54% on yesterday and 498.93% on the sell side. The bullish session saw the risers at fourteen and fallers stood at two amongst the sixteen active stocks resulting in a positive market breadth of twelve.

Resultantly, the Industrial Index edged higher to ... [more]

Market Comment -26.09.17
Block trades in crocodile skin producer Padenga highlighted the session as 2.76m shares exchanged hands in the counter....

Market Comment -25.09.17
The industrials extended gains in the week opening session to see the main indicator tick up 4.20% to end pegged at 381.44pts....

Market Comment -22.09.17
The Industrials rebounded in the week ending session to 366.08pts after putting on 0.46%....

Market Comment -21.09.17
The ZSE eased for the fourth consecutive session in Thursday’s trades, dropping 0.74% to 364.42pts on the back of ten bulls and seventeen bears, as a...

Market Comment -20.09.17
The Industrial index continued its slowdown in mid-week trades as it closed in the red for a third successive...

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