Price: 12.65c
52 Wk High: 12.70c
52 Wk Low: 12.20c
20 Day VWAP: 11.71
P/E: -9.30
D/Y: 0.00%
PBV: 1.88
EV/EBITDA: 38.87
Issued Shares: 384,974,542
Market Cap: $48,699,279.56

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NMBZ Company Description
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
SEEDCO 195.00 9.98 5.39% 0.00%
OLD MUTUAL 541.33 26.47 5.14% 0.00%
FBCH 25.00 1.00 4.17% 0.00%
AFRICAN SUN 8.10 0.07 0.87% 0.00%
PPC 110.01 0.01 0.01% 0.00%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
BARCLAYS 6.20 -0.75 -10.79% 0.00%
DELTA 202.59 -10.47 -4.91% 0.00%
EDGARS 8.50 -0.38 -4.28% 0.00%
PADENGA 62.00 -1.00 -1.59% 0.00%
CBZ 15.98 -0.02 -0.12% 0.00%
Market Commentary

ZSE ends week in losses…

The market weakness continued in the end of week session as the broad indices closed in the red. The All Share Index lost 0.75% to close week at 112.55pts while, the Industrials ended at 377.54pts after trimming 0.94%. The Top Ten Index went down 1.22% to finish at 113.77pts as losses in Delta outweighed gains in SeedCo, Old Mutual and Econet. Banking group Barclays headlined the fallers of the day after letting go 10.79% to $0.0620 while, beverages company Delta succumbed 4.91% to settle at $2.0259 having traded at an intra-low of $2.0000. Apparel retailers Edgars fell 4.28% to $0.0850 while, Padenga was down 1.59% at $0.6200. CBZ completed the day’s losers after dipping 0.13% to $0.1598 closing with a spread of $0.1500-$0.1595.

Topping the gainers list was Art with an 18.06% lift to $0.0850, ... [more]

Market Comment -21.09.2018
The market weakness continued in the end of week session as the broad indices closed in the red. The All Share Index lost 0.75% to close week at...

Weekly -21.09.2018
The market’s top capitalised stocks succumbed to a market sell off that saw the Top Ten Index emerge as the worst performer amongst the benchmarks...

Market Comment -20.09.2018
The market trended southwards again in Thursday session as the market heavies weighed on the benchmarks.Three broad indices faltered with the primary...

Market Comment -19.09.2018
The midweek session saw a marked improvement in the activity aggregates with volumes of shares traded ballooning 246.73% to 7.99m while, market spend...

Market Comment -18.09.2018
Three of the ZSE indices rebounded in Tuesday’s session after six consecutive days of losses. The All Share Index gained 0.28% to close at 114.81pts...

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