Price: 93.79c
52 Wk High: 126.00c
52 Wk Low: 76.89c
20 Day VWAP: 92.85
P/E: 10.68
D/Y: 1.49%
PBV: 2.33
EV/EBITDA: 11.27
Issued Shares: 541,304,713
Market Cap: $507,689,690.66

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INNSCOR Company Description
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
FIDELITY 9.60 1.60 20.00% 0.00%
SIMBISA 34.00 1.00 3.03% 0.00%
AXIA CORPORATION 20.01 0.31 1.57% 0.00%
OLD MUTUAL 547.44 0.86 0.16% 0.00%
INNSCOR 93.79 0.05 0.05% 0.00%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
ECONET 67.04 -0.96 -1.41% 0.00%
Market Commentary

ZSE closes week in the black …

The ZSE ended Friday’s session in the black as the mainstream All share Index ticked up 0.05% to settle at 86.20pts. The Industrial Index also added a similar 0.05% to 288.48pts while, the Mining Index was stable at 122.73pts for the third consecutive session. The ZSE Top 10 was down 0.08% to 84.73pts weighed down by Telecoms giant Econet which shed 0.44% to close at $0.6770. It was a riser’s market as seen in four counters gaining against a sole loser, to establish a positive breadth. Brick manufacturer Willdale was the leading gainer of the day after adding 20% to $0.0060, trailed by banking group CBZ which put on 3.90% to $0.1039, post release of its impressive set of financials, where ... [more]

Market Comment -19.03.2018
The ZSE opened the new week in the black as all indices shored up gains. The Mining Index was stable at 122.73pts with no activity in the resources...

Losses persisted for yet another week on the ZSE amidst suppressed activity as the uncertainties ahead of the much anticipated national plebiscite....

Market Comment -16.03.2018
The ZSE ended Friday’s session in the black as the mainstream All share Index ticked up 0.05% to settle at 86.20pts....

Market Comment -13.03.2018
ZSE indices sustained previous day’s gains with the primary All share index improving 1.08% to end at 86.50pts....

Market Comment -12.03.2018
Monday session was characterised by a fall in activity aggregates with volumes traded slipping 89.64% to see 1.16m shares exchanging hands and...

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    Industrials rebound on increased volumes...

    The Industrial Index closed the week 0.16% up at 168.36pts as retailers OK Zimbabwe advanced 6.87% to 14c and financial services group Old Mutual notched 0.42% to 237c. Weakness that creeped in...

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    The ZSE was pegged back for the second day running in Thursday trades, as earlier gains fail to hold. The main Industrial Index retreated 0.33% to 168.09pts despite...

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    There was a marked slow done in activity with turnover falling below the $1mn mark as a 40.56% decline took it to $0.70mn. Econet had a healthy share of today's trades shoring $500,000.00 or...