Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
MEIKLES 30.00 4.90 19.52% 130.77%
AXIA CORPORATION 19.92 2.92 17.18% 0.00%
BINDURA 5.25 0.44 9.15% 22.09%
OLD MUTUAL 450.00 10.61 2.41% 30.00%
ECONET 99.74 1.91 1.95% 193.35%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
NMBZ 9.00 -0.60 -6.25% 125.00%
ARISTON 1.70 -0.05 -2.86% 385.71%
MASH 3.40 -0.10 -2.86% 70.00%
PPC 122.19 -3.06 -2.44% 122.16%
BARCLAYS 6.48 -0.02 -0.31% 109.03%
Market Commentary

ZSE slide in mid-week trades

The mainstream Industrial Index slid in mid-week trades after dropping 1% to close at 332.46pts. The slump in the mainstream Index was triggered mainly by weakening demand in most heavies amongst other counters. Top capitalised stock Delta plunged 3.85% reversing its previous gains to trade at $1.5000 while Innscor lost 0.94% to settle at $108.7200. Topping the fallers set was cable manufacturer CAFCA which shed 13.17% to $0.3000 while, banking group Barclays followed on a 7.41% plunge to end at $0.0600 Dawn properties shed 4.31% to $0.020, closing with a firm bid at that level. Multi-listed Old Mutual traded flat at $4.5000 on firming demand while, telecoms giant Econet recorded no trades, ended with a spread of $0.90000-$0.9900. The Mining Index edged higher to 140.36pts... [more]

Market Comment -12.12.2017
The ZSE enjoyed a rising Tuesday session swinging back into the black as the market struggles for consistent direction amidst mixed signals in the...

Market Comment -08.12.2017
Industrials wane in week ending session, having dropped 2.00% to close at 335.97pts. The market traded sideways as most investors engaged in a wait...

The ZSE slumped in the week under review as the countrys 2018 fiscal policy was unveiled. A US$5,5bn budget was presented by the Minister of...

Market Comment -07.12.2017
The ZSE swayed into the black in Thursdays trade ahead of the budget presentation slated for noon today....

Market Comment -06.12.2017
A block trade in Nicoz Diamond highlighted mid-week trades, post the announcement that FML had received regulatory approval for the acquisition of...

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