Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
SEEDCO 194.86 4.86 2.56% 0.00%
ECONET 70.00 1.00 1.45% 0.00%
INNSCOR 91.30 1.30 1.44% 0.00%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
ARISTON 0.95 -0.22 -18.80% 0.00%
BAT 2,400.00 -20.00 -0.83% 0.00%
AFRICAN SUN 3.62 -0.03 -0.82% 0.00%
OK ZIM 16.60 -0.10 -0.60% 0.00%
PPC 85.00 -0.25 -0.29% 0.00%
Market Commentary

ZSE open week in the black…

The ZSE opened the week in the positive with the three indices closing in the black. The All share and Industrial Index gained an identical 0.10% to close at 91.36pts and 305.48pts apiece. The Top 10 Index added 0.03% to 90.37pts whilst, the Mining Index was unchanged at 130.42pts with no activity in the sector. The duo of Old Mutual and Delta were the heavies to sway the Indices into the black, with respective gains of 2.18% and 0.14% to trade at $5.1092 and $1.6608. Nampak topped the risers with a 4.59% to $0.1800 and Axia was 0.56% firmer at 0.1810 on firming demand. Overall, four counters gained against three fallers in a... [more]

Market Comment -20.02.2018
The ZSE closed Tuesday’s session in the black with all the indices closing pointing northwards. The mainstream All share index gained a 0.32% to...

Market Comment -19.02.2018
ZSE indices opened the week in the red, eroding the gains from the prior session. The mainstream, All share and Industrial Index lost an identical...

Market Comment -16.02.2018
The ZSE ended the week in the black with three of the Indices closed pointing northwards while, the Mining Index lost grip in the session. The All...

Market Comment -14.01.2018
The ZSE broke its losing trend in midweek trades as demand in selected stocks revived. The main stream ZSE All Share Index went up 0.03% and closed...

Market Comment -13.02.2018
The ZSE continued with its southward trend in Tuesday’s trades which were dominated by fallers as the market set a negative breadth of...

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