Edgeton is the Managing Director at EFE Securities. Edgeton set up EFE Securities in 2003 as the stockbroker. Edge began his career as a management trainee at Zimbank, after which he moved into the Stock broking field at Kingdom where he gained extensive training in the field. After a short stint at Sagit, he moved to Momentum. His hunger for success led him to set up Fidelity Securities as one of their brokers. Having gained vast experience and exposure Edgeton's vision of being a leading stockbroker gave birth to EFE Securities which is one of the most reputable broking firms in the country. Edge has a great understanding of the local and foreign financial and Commodities markets. He holds BSC (Hons) Degree Economics from the University Of Zimbabwe. He is a member of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and the Institute of Financial markets of South Africa. Edge is married to Anita and they have one child.



Phenias is the head of research at EFE Securities having joined the company in 2009 as a research analyst. His career kicked off in 2008 at Imara Capital Zimbabwe as a clerk in the Asset management division and later moved to join the dealing team at the Stock broking arm of the same company in the same year. Phenias holds a B. Com (Hon) Finance Degree from the National University of Science and Technology awarded in the year 2008.



Coreen is the compliance officer and she is responsible for making sure that the company transacts above board at all times. From 2004, she served articles for two and a half years at Camelsa Chartered Accountants, joined Purpose Asset Management initially back office and was promoted to Finance Officer. She comes to us from Alpha Asset Management were she served as an accountant for a year. Coreen is currently studying for her Accounting Science degree with UNISA and holds an ACCA Certificate in International Auditing. Coreen is married to Tobin.

Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
DAWN 1.30 0.09 7.44% 0.00%
ARISTON 1.50 0.10 7.14% 0.00%
BARCLAYS 5.50 0.30 5.77% 0.00%
ART ZDR 5.50 0.28 5.36% 0.00%
OLD MUTUAL 780.60 10.45 1.36% 0.00%
Counter Price   Δ USc % Δ % Δ YTD
DZLH 14.55 -3.61 -19.88% 0.00%
MEIKLES 37.00 -1.00 -2.63% 0.00%
SEEDCO 229.14 -0.81 -0.35% 0.00%
ECONET 90.00 -0.01 -0.01% 0.00%
Market Commentary

Industrials approach 350pts…

The Industrial Index gained 0.36% in Thursday trades as it closed 0.02pts shy of the 350pts mark recovering from yesterday’s marginal loss. In today’s session the industrials ended at 349.98pts. The primary All Share Index put on 0.40% to end pegged at 104.78pts while, the Top Ten Index ticked up 0.35% to 107.57pts lifted by heavies Old Mutual, Innscor, and SeedCo which emerged on the risers’ side. The resources index went up a further 1.76% to 145.64pts on the back of trades in Bindura which gained 6.84% to $0.0500. Ariston led the risers’ pack after extending 15.70% to $0.0140 while, ZPI followed with an 8.57% lift to $0.0190. Dairy and food processor Dairibord climbed 6.82% to $0.1816 while, multi listed group Old mutual rose 2.80% to $7.7015 having traded a high of $7.8000. The Multi listed group will delist from ZSE on the 29th of... [more]

Market Comment -18.05.2018
End of week session saw all the benchmark indices closing in the black. The primary All Share Index improved a marginal 0.02% to 104.80pts while, the...

Weekly -18.05.2018
Bulls continued to charge on the ZSE with no signs of abating as investors’ interest in equities continue to surge. All four indices ended the week...

Market Comment -17.05.2018
The Industrial Index gained 0.36% in Thursday trades as it closed 0.02pts shy of the 350pts mark recovering from yesterday’s marginal loss. In...

Market Comment -16.05.2018
The Industrial Index broke its 30 day rising streak to end the mid-week session in the red, while the other three indices continued to trend...

Market Comment -15.05.2018
Tuesday’s session was characterized by a surge in activity aggregates as volume of shares traded ballooned 211.67% to $8.26m while, turnover enhanced...

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    Industrials rebound on increased volumes...

    The Industrial Index closed the week 0.16% up at 168.36pts as retailers OK Zimbabwe advanced 6.87% to 14c and financial services group Old Mutual notched 0.42% to 237c. Weakness that creeped in...

    ZSE trades soft as TA and ABCH delist...

    The ZSE was pegged back for the second day running in Thursday trades, as earlier gains fail to hold. The main Industrial Index retreated 0.33% to 168.09pts despite...

    Market slows down

    There was a marked slow done in activity with turnover falling below the $1mn mark as a 40.56% decline took it to $0.70mn. Econet had a healthy share of today's trades shoring $500,000.00 or...